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    Technical supervision of the concession contract for the road Santafé de Bogotá (Puente El Cortijo) - Siberia - La Punta - El Vino.


The company made the telecommunication projects at International level that are listed here

The sanitary sector includes drinking water systems, sanitation and sewerage, plants of treatment and sewerage

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Headquarter Bogotá - Colombia

Carrera 7 Nº 156 - 10, Piso 31, Torre Krystal 

PBX: (57-1) 7460460 Fax: (57-1) 7460050

Headquarter Lima - Perú

Avenida Benavides Nº 1555 Oficina 704, Miraflores

TEL: 511-243-4567 - 511-455-225